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Bluffton pedals toward 'bicycle-friendly' status

Community leaders in Bluffton are actively seeking to make the village more bicycle-friendly, with the goal of making the village a destination for people to come bike.

And, they’re partway through a years-long project of creating a pathway system that will be part of the village forever.

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Need a place to park your bike on Main Street? No problem

As Bluffton becomes a more friendly bicycle village, more incentives become available to encourage bike use here.

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The Ride is on!

The Bluffton Lions Foundation will host the 6th annual Ride to Remember in a virtual format this summer. The public ride that was scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 11, will now be a ride that riders will complete on their own anytime from now until the end of July.

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Ride to Remember goes virtual

The Bluffton Lions Foundation will host the sixth annual Ride to Remember in a virtual format this summer. The public ride that was scheduled for July 11 will now be a ride that cyclists complete on their own, anytime through the end of July. Maps with routes will be provided, but riders may also complete routes in their own communities or through spinning indoors.

Source: The Courier

Bike and pedestrian count underway

You will see many Bluffton residents parked in strategic locations around town this week with a notepad and pencil.

They are volunteers involved in a twice-a-year bike and pedestrian count in the village. Twenty-seven residents are involved in this week's count.

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Pathway donations

Bluffton's pathway board recently received two significant donations to its 2020 project, extending the Bentley Road pathway from Riley Creek Village to Riley Street. Blanchard Valley Health System provided a $5,000 donation, announced at last Friday's chamber breakfast.

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Bluffton Lions Club host 6th annual Dare to Dream

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Cut it, Marty!

Marty and Lowell Hostetler cut the ribbon on the Bentley Road Lions pathway extension during Monday's dedication ceremony. Seventy-five persons attended the event.

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Lowell and Marty Hostetler will cut the ribbon

Lowell and Marty Hostetler will perform the ribbon cutting duties at Monday's dedication of the Bentley Road pathway extension. Representatives from the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce will also assist.

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It was yet another 'Ride to Remember'

This year's Ride to Remember was, well, a "ride to remember." Despite temperatures in the upper 90s last Saturday, with a heat index of 110, bicyclists, nonetheless, came from all over.

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